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Published:Monday | January 5, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Michael Abrahams, Online Columnist

Twenty fourteen year in review
If you nuh like what me say me beg you don't start screw
For it's just reality that me taking to you
This a 2K fourteen year in review

CHIKV pop dung almost everybody
Nuff a we still ben up a walk like old smaddy
At 39 Lisa Hanna look fine
Who nuh like her picture them too bad mind

Four million dollars fi send a man a Trinidad
And when we go down deh man them do we bad
And if we gwaan like skettel and we step outta line
Them send we back pon Caribbean Airline

Them take 180 million outta NHT
And use the money fi buy Outameni
When we ask the prime minister how that did go
She go a parliament and she say she  never know

Them say them buy the property but not the attraction
But that explanation nah gain nuh traction
Because as to how them say that them dweet
It's like me say me buy a patty but me never buy the meat

Portia say she doing less with more money
That was a mistake but it sound funny
"Flexi-rape", that's another blooper
KC old boys hate Carolyn Cooper

Controversy Damian Crawford ignite
When him chat bout "dutty Labourite"
Tired fi hear bout Foota and Ishawna
Government start fi free up marijuana

Barbados still nuh pay off Shanique Myrie
After them pree what them never fi pree
Asafa, Sherone and VCB
A run again after problems with them pee pee

Inna Half Way Tree Christian congregate
Fi rebuke all bottom weh get penetrate
Cause at the university Professor Bain lose the wuk
Never bun buggery law, and then him get fff...ired

Peter mek we pass the IMF test them proppa
Kartel a serve time so him stop seh
"aha ah"
Christian cuss when a preacher man
Wash two lesbian foot battam

Kern Spencer get weh with the light bulb dealings
Babsy cuss Lisa cause she hurt her feelings
Mandeville have one Ebola scare
Mek people filth up them underwear

While we see arrogance in people in positions of authority
Like Pickersgill a chat bout the articulate minority
Tivoli enquiry lawyer them fiery
Axeman and Alia mek we feel irie

Wally British turn internet sensation
"Tyerrrd" of the almshouse eena wi nation
Schoolboy an male teacher mix-up
Teacher claim say the picture fix-up

Gully Bop buss and go shell dung Sting
But what kinda woman want a wuk offa him?
Used to walk street some say that him mental
But him biggest problem is dental

Twenty fourteen year in review
If you nuh like what me say me beg you don't start screw
For it's just reality that me taking to you
That was 2K fourteen year in review.

Michael Abrahams is a gynaecologist and obstetrician, comedian and poet.

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