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Gay-rights groups too presumptuous

Published:Tuesday | January 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I am a regular citizen of Jamaica. I do not hold any prestigious title, such as, 'doctor this' or 'professor that', but I am fairly educated and I have above-average common sense, something which seems lacking in many people with these prestigious titles.

I want to highlight some fundamental issues, which I don't see any of the gay-rights groups and other individuals highlighting. Being gay, is, for the most part, a choice to do 'it' with the same sex, which is totally their business, providing they keep to their kind, no problem there. These particular groups are clobbering for a change in the laws in such a way that a man may take on the persona of a woman and play every role, thereof, and vice-versa.

However, I have yet to see any attempt by these groups and individuals to address some fundamental issues such as gender and sex. For example, application forms still ask if you are male or female, there are still separate bathrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms.

While I am not advocating for or against the gay business, it is evident, from my diction, that if there were to be a referendum, I would be heading to the polls (for the first time).

I must say, that, the way the gay-rights groups are going about advocating for their members is too presumptuous. They want to just shove their agenda on others and expect instant acceptance. They need to know and understand that it takes time for certain changes to occur, and starting from the top is a bad idea, which can lead to resentment, especially if you are a minority group.

Therefore, I suggest that before these groups and individuals 'jump the gun', they may take a milder approach and gradually work themselves in like everything else which is new or unusual.

Concerned Jamaican