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Time for new beginnings PNP, JLP

Published:Thursday | January 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM


For many, the start of a new year is a time for new beginnings - a time for reflection and renewal for better outcomes.

Hopefully, early this year and as national elections draw closer, both the Government and the Opposition will seek to renew to better position themselves to become more effective in the service of the people of this country.

The performance of this Government, but for a handful of ministers, has been found seriously wanting. And the Opposition, but for a few spokespersons, has been less than effective.

Accordingly, I suggest consideration be given by both the prime minister and the opposition leader to revamp the Cabinet and the Shadow Cabinet to a make-up along the following lines.


Portia Simpson Miller: Prime Minister, Defence and Information

Peter Phillips: Deputy Prime Minister, Finance and Planning

Omar Davies: Public Service (reform, modernisation and efficiency): (Junior: Raymond Pryce)

Anthony Hylton: Foreign and Diaspora Affairs: (Junior: Arnaldo Brown)

Peter Bunting: National Security and Social Reconstruction

Mark Golding: Justice and Legal Affairs

Julian Robinson: Commerce and Economic Development (including tourism via JTB as an agency; sports, entertainment and culture as earning industries): (Junior: Sophia Frazer-Binns Liburd)

Phillip Paulwell: Industry and Business Development (regulatory reform, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship) (Junior: Ian Hayles)

Natalie Neita-Headley: Labour and Employment (Junior: Richard Parchment)

Fitz Jackson: Transport and Logistics Development (Junior: Richard Azan)

Wykeham McNeill: Health and Human Services (including social security/pensions, PATH, etc) (Junior: Dayton Campbell)

Morais Guy: Housing and Infrastructure Development (Junior: Mikael Phillips)

Horace Dalley: Mining and Energy (Junior: Sharon Ffolkes-Abrahams)

Ronald Thwaites: Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (Junior: Luther Buchanan)

Fenton Ferguson: Land and the Environment

Lisa Hanna: Education & Family Services (Junior: Imani Duncan-Price)

Shadow Cabinet

Andrew Holness: Opposition Leader, Defence and Information

Audley Shaw: Deputy Opposition Leader, Finance and Planning (Junior: Fayval Williams)

Marlene Malahoo-Forte: Public Service (reform, modernisation and efficiency)

Edmund Bartlett: Foreign and Diaspora Affairs

Alexander Williams: Justice and Legal Affairs (Junior: Harold Malcolm)

Delroy Chuck: National Security & Social Reconstruction (Junior: Pearnel Charles Jr)

Aubyn Hill or Patrick Casserly: Commerce & Economic Development (including tourism via JTB as an agency; sports, entertainment & culture as earning industries) (Junior: Gregory Mair - shadows until Hill's or Casserly's appointment as a senator or election).

Christopher Tufton: Industry & Business Development (regulatory reform, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship). (Shahine Robinson shadows until Tufton is back in Parliament) (Junior: Faye Reid Jacobs)

Nigel Clarke: Labour & Employment (Junior: Alando Terrlonge)

Daryl Vaz: Transport & Logistics Development (Junior: Kent Gammon)

Kamina Johnson-Smith: Health & Human Services (including social security/pensions, PATH, etc)

Ruel Reid: Education & Family Services (Junior: Suzanne Leslie-Bailey)

Horace Chang: Housing & Infrastructure Development (Junior: Floyd Green)

Andrew Wheatley: Mining & Energy (Junior: Collin Virgo)

Robert Montague: Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs (Junior: Delano Seiveright)

Desmond McKenzie: Land & Environment (Junior: Duane Smith)