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Letter - Inappropriate Magna headline

Published:Friday | January 9, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I write with regard to an article published in The Sunday Gleaner's Business section. The story spoke to the introduction of GraceKennedy's Value Rewards card, as well as the fact that the introduction of GraceKennedy's own loyalty programme would mean that we would no longer be using the Magna card.

While the story itself had accurate information, I found the headline, 'Hi-Lo dumps Magna, to introduce GK Value Card' to be a little unfortunate. GraceKennedy and Magna have, for many years, enjoyed an excellent and mutually beneficial relationship, with years of collaboration between Magna and many subsidiaries across the group.

The introduction of our own rewards card is in no way a reflection of the relationship we have shared with Magna. This is a move that is in the interest of our company, and just a part of the many offerings we want to give to our customers and consumers, and in doing so, move our business forward.

I thank you for the support we have had from The Gleaner over the years. I just wanted to place on record my disappointment with the headline.

Don Wehby

Group CEO, GraceKennedy Limited