Sat | Jan 19, 2019

A god or mere mortal?

Published:Friday | January 9, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Who is this prophet and god who cannot fight for or defend himself against a simple human, such as a young woman fighting to be educated or a cartoonist drawing a characterisation of him as he sees it? Why does he feel so threatened by mere humanity that he allows his followers to blindly massacre people who do not choose to agree with his type of teaching and/or belief system? Is the prophet afraid that these mere mortals will somehow, through their thought of bettering themselves and their families, exercising free speech and choice, climb the ladder to his eternal city, usurp his authority, take away his power and remove him from his place as god? If this is the prophet's thinking, then he is certainly not a god that I would want to be associated with!

My god must be assured of who he is, what is his authority and capability, what he requires of his people as it relates to their relationship with each other. He must desire and be willing to empower my drive to succeed in all aspects of my life as a member of the human race; knowing fully well that this approach would motivate me to serve and respect him.

However, for my god to choose to enforce his will here on earth, by allowing brain-dead and seemingly mindless and indoctrinated individuals to slaughter and maim people because he is incapable of defending himself, then it seems to me that he is really not god.

So if the prophet Muhammad is anything other than just an ordinary man so elevated, why not reserve judgements for all these mere mortals who supposedly blaspheme his name and impugn his integrity for a time when he can do so honestly and justifiably as the sovereign god that men make him out to be?

D. McKenzie Sr