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Bogdanovich outlines plans at Famous Nightclub

Published:Sunday | January 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Carl Gilchrist, Sunday Gleaner Writer

In years to come - if it hasn't already started to happen - Downsound Records' (DSR) boss Joe Bogdanovich could be regarded as one of the pillars of Jamaican popular music.

Bogdanovich manages and produces a group of artistes, some of whom are making popular recordings and may have the potential to become major stars worldwide. These include Ishawna, Nature, Don Husky Specialist, Harry Toddler, and the veteran Ninja Man. In addition, he has invested in several business ventures, including the Famous Nightclub in Portmore.

He is assisted by the marketing savvy of Sean 'Contractor' Edwards. Contractor's trek across Europe last summer seems to have laid the groundwork for a successful future.

With the standards he has established, it was only fitting that if Bogdanovich were to stage a party during the Christmas period, it would have to be of the highest quality. And it was.

Xmas Party

His Blitz Ultimate Black Tie Xmas Party at Famous Nightclub in December exuded class. Bogdanovich arrived at 2:00 a.m., dressed in red blazer and sporting a black bow tie. He was surrounded by a contingent of bodyguards. He was greeted by 16 beautiful models from Pulse. This made an impact and sent a strong statement of intent.

Of course, the Pulse models were sparkling. Masked and clad in long-sleeved men's shirts showing cleavage, black lace stockings, and heels, they were stunning!

Bogdanovich's arrival was projected on to a screen inside the club. Those on the outside rocked to music provided by the Downsound Stealth Machines, buses wrapped with the Famous brand. On the inside, DJs for the night - ZJ Liquid, Tony Matterhorn, and Flava Unit - kept the patrons happy.

With the Pulse models relaxing in his exclusive, plush skybox, Bogdanovich then began to focus on his presentation for the night. "I've never seen Joe so focused before a presentation," remarked Contractor, his marketing director.

The list of invitees ranged from Kingsley Cooper to Bounty Killer, Gary Matalon to Isaiah Laing, Heavy D, TOK, Wee Pow, Copeland Forbes, and more. Of course, Bogdanovich's lovely wife, Toya, was there.

At showtime Bogdanovich was handed a bunch of roses. Then the selector dropped the Million Dollar Man dub plate made exclusively for Joe by Mavado. In the introduction, Mavado said the song was from the "Gully Gad" to the "White God" and Bogdanovich was the "million-dollar man with the billion-dollar plan".

Naturally, it had to be pulled up several times, much to the delight of patrons.

The models struck a pose as Bogdanovich walked on stage to thunderous cheers, presenting each model with a rose. Simultaneously, bunny waitresses emerged from all corners, serving champagne and Hennessey.

Dreams for Jamaica

Bogdanovich spoke about his dream of bringing unity and commitment to Jamaica's entertainment sector and also the music industry worldwide, while making money at the same time. Patrons seemed impressed.

After his short but well-received 'performance', the models ushered Bogdanovich off the stage and into his dressing room for interviews and photos. After that, it was party time. Bogdanovich was chauffeured away at 5 a.m.

With what transpired at Famous Nightclub during Blitz Ultimate Black Tie Xmas Party and the groundwork laid by Contractor in Europe last summer, exciting times are ahead - musically.