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The best of sex & relationships

Published:Monday | January 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Jody-Anne Lawrence & Cathy Risden, Lifestyle Writers

Flair's 2014 'Sex and Relationship' features kept couples and singles on their toes. There were many exciting love lessons with professional advice, from how to let go of toxic relationships to rekindling that fire in an almost failing relationship. As Flair goes down 2014 memory lane, here are some of our favourites Sex and Relationship.

Let's get physical - bedroom games

Roses, chocolate, teddies, romantic dinner for two. Everything is set for Valentine's Day. But, what about plans for the bedroom?

Dating don't: According to him

Getting into the dating world gives you the opportunity to start afresh, meet new people in a different light and make lasting connections. But it can be hard out there! There are several pitfalls that can prevent a man and woman from finding their true love and sustaining a long-term relationship.

Zodiac signs for love

Reading between the signs is a skill not easily understood. While, for some, first-hand experience teaches wisdom, sometimes resources beyond our comprehension are the only choices we have to cut the process of decision-making short - and that's where the matter of horoscopes come in.

Making us work - Lai Detector 101

Boy meets girl, and in a leap of faith, they embark on the journey that would lead to long and lasting love.

A lot of effort is placed in reaching their official destination, and once they have arrived, then the real work begins in creating and sustaining a solid foundation. In the words of Christopher Lai, "Love is like a phone number. You should know it by heart."

Winning back your ex

After a break-up you are hurt, emotionally drained and, most of all, confused - which often causes you to make irrational decisions.

Dimario Hibbert did not realise the damage he was causing when he tried to win back his girlfriend's heart and is now bearing the consequences of not succeeding.

Pulling the plug

Pulling the plug has never been easy when it comes to the one you love. But sometimes, our relationships are at the point of no return: where hopes of tying the knot lose grip, or picking away at rose petals 'he loves me, he loves me not' hoping it does not end with the latter.

Making a clean break

The break-up - the end of something that was once great that has lost its spark, or just the end of something miserable. Either way, it does not make that final conversation any easier.

Rubbing him the wrong way

Women know very well how to turn men on. And sometimes they are just as skilled at turning them off. The problems we are having in our relationships are caused by our own actions turning away the love of our life. To learn how men really tick, Flair probed the minds of graphic artist Aaron Fogah and photographer/director Norman Wallace, who gave us the 411 on some of the biggest turn-offs.