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The best of At the Root of It

Published:Monday | January 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Jody-Anne Lawrence & Cathy Risden, Lifestyle Writers

Curly Centric came on board to help naturalistas maintain their fabulous mane with the feature 'At the root of it'. Here are a few of the pieces.

DIY deep conditioning treatments

Deep conditioners do a world of good for black hair. Not only do they strengthen and soften tresses, they also encourage growth. Dermatologist with special interest in hair disorders and hair doc, Dr Llorenia Muir-Green, recommends deep conditioning treatments every week to encourage growth. She also recommends that deep conditioning treatments be done after washing, as this is when the cuticle scale is lifted and the treatment can penetrate the hair follicle for best results.

Give your hair some yoghurt

Yoghurt is tasty and great for the body as it has natural enzymes, which are a great source of nutrients. However, did you know that it works great to nourish your hair? It's true. Not only does yoghurt have moisturizing properties, but it also strengthens the hair and gives a smooth, shiny appearance.

'I am not my hair'

You may have seen the picture of this week's naturalista on various natural hair websites and wondered who she is, what's her hair-care regimen, and what's the story behind the face. Meet Natasha Lee, a Montego Bay native, freelance stylist, photographer and make-up artist.