Mon | Jan 21, 2019

We must get serious about fighting crime

Published:Monday | January 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM


How many of us have taken this very, very seriously and are really and truly lamenting the very sad reality? Because we have seen and have sincerely regretted the fact that the New Year began with 24 persons being murdered in seven days. But as the days go by, the number has shifted to more than 24, with the discovery of another young woman's body (young, green woman, just ready for life) being found on the street and her throat slashed. So, the slashing of throats seems to continue, eeh?

Our legislators have assured us, with convincing words, that they will not allow the crime to gallop away in 2015 (a little paraphrasing from me).

But the fact of the matter is that no matter how often we have been told by the ruling authorities of their passion to tackle crime, no matter how serious or how committed they seem to be, in the final analysis, the crime monster always seems to be winning the battle or having the upper hand. In other words, crime is out of control - sometimes it's slightly down, then it rises again - and too many people are dying.

When we hear the talk so many times of bringing crime under control, that means it's already out of control. And it's bigger than us; and the monster still stands tall - undefeated. We need to bring him down.

One thousand-odd people were murdered in 2014, and even if it were 150, it would still be too many; therefore, we wouldn't like to see not even 50 persons murdered in 2015.

One of the key strategies in fighting crime is that people should be free and fearless to report crime or to give evidence in court; and this means feeling a great sense of security and reliance in the Witness Protection Act; but lamentably, this is not so. People are afraid to do so; they are in fear of their lives. Some of them have been killed for giving evidence. We cannot put our trust in the Witness Protection Act, and this is a great blow to crime-fighting strategies.

We talk about putting measures in place. One of the most serious and deadly measures that needs to be put in place when crime gets beastly bad, is to unleash the death penalty. The more devastating and out of control the crime rate is, it's the more we should speed up the death penalty.