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CMI receives international accreditation

Published:Tuesday | January 13, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI) has received accreditation from the prestigious Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) UK for six of its degree programmes.

CILT is the leading professional body associated with logistics and transport. The degree programmes that have been accredited are:

Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Bachelor in Port Operations

Bachelor in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Bachelor in Cruise Shipping and Marine Tourism

Bachelor in International Shipping

Bachelor in Custom Processes, Freight Forwarding and Immigrations.

Dr Fritz Pinnock, executive director of the CMI and a chartered fellow of CILT, commended team members at the CMI for the commitment, hard work and dedication shown during the process of accreditation, which positions CMI as a shining light in an evolving Jamaica.

"The idea is to ensure that the organisation and its unique offerings meet the highest international standards. We won't be satisfied with only local accreditation, because we owe it to our students to provide the best ... which is a degree that has international currency and relevance," Dr Pinnock said.

Dr Ibrahim Ajagunna, director of the School of Academic Studies at the CMI and also a chartered fellow of CILT, worked closely with a steering committee during the accreditation process. He noted that it was an exciting experience and expressed commendations to the professional and time-efficient way in which CILT handled the accreditation process.

"It [CILT] is an excellent organisation to work with, and I look forward to a long and beneficial relationship between both institutions," Dr Ajagunna said.

He also stated, "CMI will seek out other professional accrediting bodies to endorse and strengthen the credibility of other programmes, including the engineering programmes."

CMI already has ISO 9001:2008 certification that demonstrated its commitment to quality standards and continuous improvement. The institute also has accreditation from the University Council of Jamaica for its diploma and associate degrees, and is actively pursuing accreditation for the bachelor's and master's degree programmes.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport is a worldwide organisation with an established international pedigree, with over 33,000 members working in over 100 countries. It is an organisation that offers significant benefits to all its members as well as a complete suite of educational courses internationally.