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Tuesday talk

Published:Tuesday | January 13, 2015 | 12:00 AM

1 -  The consumer protection agency needs to look into the packaging of some items. Take salt fish, which forms part of the national dish. Clever packaging ensures that what is seen in the packet is a thick piece of steak. However, when the package is opened, the content is far from satisfactory. One shopper made quite a scene when she tried to return the item and was given a hard time.

2 - So performance is one criterion for leadership, or so we think. The gentleman was hoping to enhance his position and perhaps dislodge the favoured son, but what a way things have turned around. Now he has to draw for a new card.

3 - Not all crime is making the news, from all accounts. Businessmen, visitors, housewives are routinely held up and robbed, yet, we hear nothing about these incidents. Couples have been stripped of their wedding rings and there are just so many horror stories to tell, like the thief who threatened to cut off a victim's finger because he was too slow in getting off his ring which he had been wearing for 30 years.

4 - Some women really know how to buy trouble. This lady thought she was winning a handsome prize when she invited the tall, dark and handsome one into her life. Little did she know that all his life he has used those same attributes to get close to well-to-do women, who have had to furnish him with all the fine things of life. As a husband, he has vowed to stay put and she must now try to get him out of her house. But can she?