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Don't compare Atkinson to track stars, Tracey

Published:Thursday | January 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM


You can always depend on someone, in the midst of what should be a proud moment for Jamaica, to gripe about things past, and to almost put a damper on what should be among the proudest moments for us Jamaicans.

Oral Tracey, I must say, has not succeeded in dimming the light which rightfully belongs to Alia Atkinson at this time. At this point in her career, with very little acknowledgement from Jamaica over the years, she has been chasing her dreams on her own. She has not only brought glory to herself, but also to her country.

The days of Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce's 100m gold medals are past, and they will always be remembered. But just as Shelly, Usain Bolt and all our great athletes got their moment to shine, so too must Miss Atkinson.

Alia, as a nation, we are proud of you! We would love to see some of these commentators get into a pool and swim 50m, much less to do it in world-record time.

Keep shining, Dark Star. No one can put your light out!

Kadia Edwards