Wed | Oct 17, 2018

Cheaper light an election ploy

Published:Thursday | January 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I suppose that we shouldn't have been surprised at the reduction rather than an increase in the light bills, as this year has been declared to be election season.

I am reminded of the populist suppression of the Jamaica Omnibus Service fares which prevented the maintenance and purchase of new buses and led to the glory days of robots.

We should expect more such short-term, cheap, vote-getting moves in the near future, as long-term development is sacrificed for a win at any cost.

We can, perhaps, expect lots of agricultural imports, as the non-farming vote is much bigger than the farming vote. Who cares if it goes against our stated policy? We are pragmatists, after all. Keep the goal in sight: win at all costs!