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Sakima, 'Six Head' fight still on

Published:Thursday | January 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Livingston Scott, Gleaner Writer

Jamaica and Caribbean Boxing Federation welterweight boxing champion, Sakima Mullings, told The Gleaner that his fight with Guyanese Andrew 'Six Head' Lewis - set for February 29 - will go ahead as scheduled.

Lewis, the former World Boxing Association welterweight was quoted as saying he is not sure that the fight is still on as he heard that it had been postponed. The Guyanese also said he tried contacting Mullings' team in Jamaica, but had no success and was left in limbo in regards to the fight.

But when The Gleaner spoke with Mullings yesterday, he had no doubt about the fight going ahead and stated that Lewis must be calling the wrong people or country.

"The fight is still on from my understanding. I was in the gym even this morning preparing for the fight," he said.

"Somebody needs to tell him (Lewis) that it's Kingston, Jamaica (he needs to contact), not Jamaica, Queens (New York). He's contacting the wrong place man," Mullings said.

Tough Challenge Expected

Mullings admitted though that his management team has not really been in touch with their Guyanese counterpart.

Lewis has not been in the ring for some time, but the Jamaican expects a tough challenge from the former world title holder and does not expect Lewis' inactivity over the last five years to be a major disadvantage for the eastern Caribbean boxer.

"I don't really have any contacts for them (Lewis' managers) so I am just waiting for the day to arrive. This will be a tough fight, because they (Guyana) rate him (Lewis) as their best ever there."

Lewis, 44, was Guyana's first world boxing champion after he won the WBA welterweight title in 2001. In his last fight in 2008, he lost on a split decision to Howard Eastman, one of four Guyanese boxers Mullings has defeated in the last three years. Mullings has never lost to a Guyanese boxer.

"I may have an advantage because of that (Lewis' inactivity). But he has the advantage of experience, but I am ready to challenge this Andrew 'Six Head' Lewis who is a former world champion and I am presently in training preparing for that," added the 32 year old Mullings.