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Guardsman Elite: Premier choice for background checks

Published:Friday | January 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Keisha Hill, Gleaner Writer

A critical part of the hiring process that employers may overlook is a background check for the job applicant they are considering. Background checks should be a part of just about every employer's recruiting and hiring process, with checks ranging from consulting with references, to checking criminal records.

According to Damian Blair, general manager - Risk and Compliance, at Guardsman Elite Services, a division of the Guardsman Group of Companies, many people misrepresent their background and credentials, therefore, it is important to do at least a little checking to see if what the applicant says is true. Many employers, he said, do not do any checking, and they often regret that decision.

Guardsman Elite has been in operation for more than a decade, providing a range of first-class, comprehensive and customisable services. Their team of highly trained and experienced former military and law-enforcement officers has in excess of 100 years of combined experience.

According to Blair, the applicant may be unqualified for the job, or may have some personality trait or past experience that may cause problems for the employer later.


"If your employees have contact with the public or financial transactions, you should be particularly thorough about your background checks to avoid negligent hiring claims. Individuals have and will make false claims, either on their résumés or about their involvement in any criminal activities," Blair said.

He said it is essential to be sure that anyone a company hires or promotes will not prove to be an impediment to the company's profitability, productivity, the continued success of the business, safety, or the reputation of the owners.

"Our investigative team is uniquely able to acquire information and intelligence, which would otherwise remain undiscovered. Preferably, a background check can be done before the person joins the company, however, it may also be done anytime during the person's employment," Blair said.

The packages at Guardsman Elite are inclusive of, but not limited to, previous employment checks, verification of education and stated qualifications, community-based checks to identify place of residence (normally over the past five years) and an individual's standing within the community where he/she may live.

Checks are also made with various government agencies to highlight any known criminal activity or criminal liaison, for issues such as money laundering or narcotic activity and checks with the local police and criminal records, to establish whether an individual is known, or can be identified.

"We are very comprehensive with our checks. We go as far as speaking with persons who can give us an unbiased opinion of the person under investigation. Sometimes, employers just want to know that their employees are not doing anything untoward," Blair said.

"Whether you choose the Basic, Standard, or Comprehensive package, you can be assured that our confidential, efficient and exclusive background and verification service will help you to know and be sure, of who you will be interacting with," Blair said.

Other services offered by Guardsman Elite Services include polygraph examinations, investigations, security surveys and audits, personal close protection and executive driving service.

For further information, contact Guardsman Elite, 5 Carvalho Drive, Kingston 10, or telephone 926-1933, or visit www.guardsmangroup.com, or www.facebook.com/guardsmanelite.