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Manufacturer accuses JMA of victimisation

Published:Saturday | January 17, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Ryon Jones, Staff Reporter

IN THE wake of his company's recent exclusion from the Jamaica Manufacturers' Association (JMA), Granville Taylor, managing director of Taylor's Wood Products Limited, has come out swinging with claims of unfair treatment.

The Retirement Crescent-based company, which provides products such as solid wood kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, solid surface corain, postform laminate and quartz, was advised to cease and desist using all logos, registration marks or any other identifying marks or claims of the JMA as of December 12, 2014.

They were found in breach of Section (8) of the Articles of Association of the Jamaica Manufacturers' Association Limited. Section (8) speaks to members who are found to have 'committed any act or conducts himself in a dishonourable or discreditable manner'.

Problems with customers

"We have problems with two customers; one of them is the friend of one of the directors of the JMA. We don't owe any customer any money," Taylor said.

"The main problem that we have here is that we have one customer who we did a major project for and she carried us to the JMA with the understanding being that we weren't finishing on time, but we were holding out that she must give us some more money. And because there was an impasse, the JMA took a certain stance I should have resigned, but I never resigned.

"Also, one of the members who is there (in the JMA) now should have gotten the job and they didn't, so it is more politics than anything else. It is really designed to embarrass me, and that is what they are trying to do."

Taylor said although his company faced some setbacks in the latter stages of last year, they were able to work things out with their customers and have managed to keep them satisfied.

"We had a problem as of the middle November, so most of the kitchens for December went out late, but we are in dialogue with most of our customers and they understand," Taylor said. "We have delivered kitchens late, but we have not had a situation where we don't deliver and don't give refunds."

Taylor explained that some of the delays are due to the fact that his company does customised kitchens and, hence, will sometimes have to take pieces back to their factory to make adjustments, or persons have to make amendments to their homes and, therefore, get rescheduled. He also said another source of hold-up is when persons pay a deposit but are unable or unwilling to pay the balance.

More than one complaint

JMA president, Brian Pengelley, however, said that more than one complaint was received and, following investigations, the decision was taken by the board to rescind Taylor's Wood Product Limited's membership.

"I can confirm that the membership was terminated as per our constitution. We got a couple of complaints and investigations were carried out and the decision was taken by the board," Pengelley said.

In an email response to The Gleaner Mrs Dolsie Allen, chief executive officer of the Consumer Affairs Commission, revealed that a total of eight complaints were received against Taylor's Wood Products spanning January 1, 2014 to present. Five of the complaints received had been closed or resolved, with three still open and are being actively pursued by the complaint officers with a view to obtaining redress.

But Taylor said his company has not to date, been found to be at fault in any of these cases.

"Once you hold firm and, especially, with money, they (customers) go to the Consumer Affairs Commission," Taylor said. "But once the commission sees the contract, they realise that we are not in the wrong."

Pengelley pointed out that the door is not closed to Taylor's Wood Products Limited as they can rectify the issues which have lead to their exclusion and reapply.