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RURAL EXPRESS - In love with Pointillism

Published:Saturday | January 17, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Carl Gilchrist, Gleaner Writer


THE ONCE-RIDICULED art form of Pointillism, developed in the late 19th century as a branch of Impressionism, is now being used by a young St Ann artist to produce beautiful art.  Pointillism is a technique that sees the artist utilising small distinct dots to form images.

Dwayne Hamilton, who was introduced to the art form by his former art teacher, says he immediately fell in love with the concept when he first saw it.

"One day, I was in Ocho Rios and saw my past teacher. He was doing a portrait of a baby in pointillism. I asked him what was that technique, and he said pointillism. I went home and Googled it, and from there on, I started," Hamilton explained to Rural Xpress.

That incident happened after Hamilton had graduated from Ocho Rios High School in 2008 and was the main reason his interest in art magnified.

"My kind of work is mostly fantasy and creative work because I just do what I feel like."

Over the ensuing years, he worked to improve his technique and it has now reached the point where his works elicit exclamations from viewers.

"People actually say the pieces are mind-blowing because of the fact that I use pen, and even moreso by the fact that the images are formed by dots. People always say 'Wow!' They are always amazed."


Hamilton gets his inspiration mostly from nature and relying on his vibrant imagination. He uses pen and ink and coloured pencil on cartridge paper to produce some astounding images. He now sells his work online, taking orders via his Facebook page which features a gallery. He also has his work in a couple of stores in Ocho Rios.

"But I mostly do orders," he pointed out. "You go on my catalogue on Facebook, choose the pieces you like, call me, I prepare it and deliver it to you."

The completed artwork doesn't come easily. In a painstakingly patient exercise, which involves the use of thousands of dots, Hamilton, if he were to work non-stop, would be able to produce just one completed piece of artwork in a week.

"And how I do it? For example, the Mermaid: First, I think about what would look best in the background, and then take my time and work in the background. It's not like I have the whole idea in my head at one time. I start with the first image then I apply more and more images until I'm satisfied with the outcome."

Next, for Hamilton, is his own business. He wants to open an art gallery in Ocho Rios to sell his work, but is unsure of the timeline to establish this because of his hectic schedule.

"I also work with the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, and I'm looking forward to doing some work with the Jamaica Business Development Corporation. I also do volunteer service at Ocho Rios High and Iona High, where I help the grades 10 and 11 prepare for their CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate) examination. Plus I'm a travel agent. So most of my artwork is done at nights, when I have more time to think, more time to focus."

Photos by Carl Gilchrist