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Readers react to Noel Strachan

Published:Saturday | January 17, 2015 | 12:00 AM

NOEL STRACHAN'S exclusive interview with The Gleaner about World Wise Partners, his unregulated investment scheme that collapsed nearly eight years ago, has triggered an avalanche reaction from readers.

In his first public comments since World Wise collapsed in 2008 with more than $200 million invested by clients, Strachan claims he has already made restitution to 90 per cent of all investors.

However, several readers, who claimed they lost money in the scheme, took issue with this assertion in emails sent to The Gleaner.

Below are some of the reactions:

  • My name is [name withheld] of Bull Bay, St Thomas, and also of Brampton, Ontario in Canada. It was very interesting reading your article in The Gleaner today [yesterday]. It brought back a lot of painful emotions and regrets to me. Like other investors, the prospect of high returns on investment was enough to have me convince my family to allow me to invest in World Wise. I invested a total of US$140,000. I visited Jamaica repeatedly to have my questions answered and concerns addressed. Whenever I was lucky enough to speak to senior staff at the office, they assured me that Mr Strachan would repay my investment. After several unfulfilled promises, I returned to Jamaica to explore my legal options. When I visited the office, I was informed that World Wise vacated the building three weeks earlier. In addition, given the limited time I had in Jamaica, I was not able the to get any contact for World Wise or Mr. Strachan.
  • I am craving your indulgence in assisting me in making contact with Mr Strachan so that he realises that I am here; he becomes aware of my investment in his company; and hoping that although I do not have legal representation, he will treat my claim and repayment as a priority. The reality is that my investment has cost me dearly. I do not have a wife anymore, and my health is not the same. You could forward this email to him with the hope that he will be moved to bring some closure to this matter for me.
  • Your article in today's [yesterday] edition of The Gleaner is the first time I have heard Noel Strachan responding to allegation about monies owed. I am one of those who is yet to recover monies owed by World Wise Partner/Noel Strachan.
  • Why didn't he name the lawyers responsible for the payments? He owes me over US$7000 and I (am) aware of many more persons who are still owed monies. He needs to come clean about lawyers responsible for the payments.
  • I read your article this [yesterday] morning, which I found very interesting. Like many Jamaicans, I was robbed of my life savings and I have been out of a job since 2008, and only worked approximately a year and a half since then.
  • You can imagine my desperate situation. I would like to know if you can get in touch with Mr Strachan for me or give me some information as to how I can proceed to try and get back my life savings because I was given the runaround several times when I went to collect my money at their office. I just need the money I put in. I have some of the receipts but I know I can only claim what I have evidence for. Any assistance you can provide, I would be very grateful.
  • I had some money in World Wise Partners and need contact information on where to submit my information so that I can be paid. Please, what can I do? Who can I contact at WWP?
  • Good morning! Please investigate this some more cause I have invested US$15,000 and I have not gotten back a cent. I have friends with far more than that and they did not get anything up to the time, so I am wondering if we are among the 10 per cent who have not been reimbursed. I would really like to see some light shine on this.
  • Your article about World Wise Partners was a great piece of information. I see where Mr Strachan says that lawyers in Jamaica are paying clients. I am not calling him a liar, but from the time they closed that place they emailed me once in 2008. I haven't heard from them since and my email is the same, so are my address and telephone. I will tell him they can fool man and get away with it or so they think, but they can't fool God the Creator. He knows the heart.
  • I saw your article in today's [yesterday Gleaner re [Noel] Strachan. The 90 per cent he spoke of, must be his friends. All my co-workers who invested in World Wise are still waiting.