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Haughton displeased about improper garbage disposal in Green Island

Published:Saturday | January 17, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Claudia Gardner, Assignment Coordinator


Councillor of the Green Island Division Shernet Haughton has expressed displeasure with what she says is the poor garbage disposal practises of some commercial entities in the coastal town.

Haughton was speaking at the monthly meeting of the Hanover Parish Council in Lucea recently. She said that a section of the town, which had housed the old Green Island market, had been virtually converted to a dump site, and called for the intervention of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA).

"Mr Chairman, I must say, in the town of Green Island, I am very disappointed with the business owners who are dumping their garbage on the old market site. It is an area that we have just cleaned. We just cleared that area, and by the next day it is a disgrace to see the garbage the business owners have thrown there," Haughton told Lucea mayor, Wynter McIntosh.

"There is also a skip that has been placed there by NSWMA. I would ask that they remove that skip and relocate it to the location where it is to be. I want that skip to be removed. And Mr Chairman, through you, I want to ask that we put a temporary fencing around that area until we are ready to do whatever our development plan is for that area and put up a "no dumping" sign, she added.

Invasion of rats

Haughton said the problem had escalated so much so that there was an invasion of rats within sections of the town, which she said ought to be dealt with by the health authorities without delay.

"Mr Chairman, if you pass through the town of Green Island right now, the garbage is thrown all over the town. It is a disgrace. So, I ask that the public health inspectors do a thorough check with the business owners, because they are not dumping their garbage properly. I'm not even sure if they have holding areas. So, we need to get that solved quickly. The garbage has now become a nuisance and is now infested by rats, and we want that to stop. Even the basic schools are complaining about the rats," she said.