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Seats that swivel in car that turns heads

Published:Sunday | January 18, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Chad Bryan, Staff Reporter

Seating technology continues to evolve, with the latest development being sleek, curved chairs that can swivel.

This evolution in car seating was glimpsed in F015 Mercedes-Benz self-driving concept car at the Consumer Electronic Show, held in Las Vegas, United States, recently.

The car has four lounge seats constructed from organic material and leather cushions, each seat being able to rotate up to 30 degrees. This allows passengers to talk to each other, as well as the driver in the front of the vehicle, easily.

While this is still a concept car, there are a few rules that the vehicle needs to adhere to. The swivel seats and self-driving capabilities run afoul of California rules, which require automatic cars to have manual capabilities and a driver who can take over control of the vehicle if necessary.

more needs to be done

This, therefore, means that a lot more needs to be done before consumers can get their hands on one of these vehicles, and Mercedes has remained tight-lipped as to when the F015 will be put into production.

While the idea of swivel chairs in a futuristic, self-driving car is novel, car seats that swivel have long existed. Vehicles such as the Toyota Regius are among those which have seats with some degree of turn.

Then there are seats, such as the Toyota Granvia, that can be retrofitted in order to accommodate the physically challenged.