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Myrtle loses her home

Published:Sunday | January 18, 2015 | 12:00 AM

72 y-o woman evicted after 70 years

Shanique Samuels, Sunday Gleaner Writer

A 76-year-old woman is now facing eviction as the property, which she has called home for the past 72 years, has been sold without her knowledge and the owner is ready to take possession.

Myrtle O'Brien told The Sunday Gleaner that she woke up one morning to see a notice on her front door indicating that she should immediately vacate the property which has been her home for most of her adult life.

According to O'Brien, it appears that her adopted brother sold the property without informing her.

"I heard rumours that the place was sold. I really heard the rumour but I never believed any of it. So one day I went to the tax office to find out if it was sold and they say yes it was sold from 2002."

O'Brien said she was born in Chapelton but her mother gave her to the O'Briens when she was only nine month olds and they took her with them when they moved to live at the premises at the corner of Manchester Avenue and Harris Street in May Pen, Clarendon.

settling a debt

She added that the O'Briens later adopted a boy and raised them as brother and sister on the property.

"They sent him to learn barbering, and I was sent to learn dressmaking as a trade," she said, adding that she's been doing dressmaking at home since she was 17 years old.

She says her adopted brother took the land title from their father before he died and changed it into his name.

" I know my adopted brother borrowed money from a man until the debt get too high so he just give the man the title to cover the debt. So now the man own di place an that's how he get to serve me notice" said O'Brien.

The senior citizen said she sought legal advice and was told to contact her brother, but her efforts proved unsuccessful as he has been living in Canada for several years and she has no recent contact information for him.

"I have been begging the new owner from day one in 2007 when I found out to have sympathy and help me find a place to relocate. I couldn't leave because I have nowhere to go, I don't even have somebody to move out di old something dem out di house," said O'Brien as she appealed for assistance to relocate.

"I am asking for help financially, as well as for assistance in finding a place to live. If some people can only give land or building material or whatever comes to their mind that they think they can help me with. I just need a place to relocate, even if it's only temporary. I am also appealing to Food For The Poor for help or anywhere I can get some assistance or sponsorship. I trust in the Lord a lot and I think, He will work something out in my favour that I won't have to stress so much that it kill me in the end."