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Send Dave Cameron to the pavilion

Published:Monday | January 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Patrick Rousseau, GUEST COLUMNIST

I have been busy during the past week, and so I am just getting around to commenting on remarks by the president of West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), Dave Cameron, reported in The Gleaner on January 13, 2015, and subsequent remarks by the chairman of selectors, Clive Lloyd, in defence of himself and, as a consequence, Mr Cameron. In his duplicity, Mr Cameron has painted himself into a corner, and Mr Lloyd has reinforced the paint job.

I must say that I admire the courage of Mr Cameron, as he remains the only person I know of who has the courage to spit in the faces of all CARICOM prime ministers. I am sure he is aware that Prime Ministers Gonsalves and Mitchell are not just acting on their own, but represent all CARICOM prime ministers, as they are members of the Cricket Committee appointed by the heads of government to represent them in dealing with the WICB.

Having given the 'no discrimination' undertaking he gave to Prime Minister Gonsalves, I would have expected him to write the selection panel, including Mr Lloyd, and explain his promise and the sensitivity of the situation and suggest, either in his letter or in an interview with the selectors, that this was not a time for experimentation, as it could be embarrassing to him and the board.

Mr Lloyd confirms that there was no interference, which I do not believe. If there was no interference, it confirms to me that Mr Cameron was not concerned about not implementing his promise to the prime ministers and left it to the selectors to pick any team they wished, with no constraint.

Rebuilding the team

Mr Lloyd is so busy trying to extricate himself and the president, that he states that he and the selectors are not focused on winning, but are rebuilding the team. This would be a change in policy and direction, and I would ask Mr Cameron to confirm that the board gave these instructions to the selectors.

In my 20-plus years of attending board meetings, major shifts in policy by the selectors were always discussed and approved by the board. If this was not done, it is confirmed that I am watching a runaway train operated by the president and his compliant board members.

Mr Cameron has still not answered any of my questions, but he may comment on the change of selection policy not previously announced, or maybe Mr Lloyd will say when this change took place.

As I think back to the massive claim made by the Indian Cricket Board, I am satisfied it can only be resolved by assistance by the body politic, as represented by Prime Minister Gonsalves and others of that group; and if the president continues to spit in their faces, he will get very little cooperation. The result will be the bankruptcy of the WICB in the face of the large losses, as published by it for the years 2012 and 2013, unless there was a large profit in 2014, which I doubt.

I think, based on the numerous errors he has made, the president has outstayed his welcome. He should resign and give other persons a chance to remove the sword of Damocles that hangs over the WICB as long as the claim from the aborted tour is not settled. It will not get settled as long as Mr Cameron is in the way and treating the prime ministers in this manner.

Patrick Rousseau is a former president of the WICB. Email feedback to and