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Quality reggae on the decline

Published:Tuesday | January 20, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Tony Rebel and his children, along with the folks at Grizzly's Richmond Fair Grounds and Entertainment Centre, should be congratulated for the organisation and production of a successful 2015 Rebel Salute show.

This year's show, which I attended for the first time, fell short in my view, however, in terms of the performances of certain artistes. The so-called vintage artistes were quite disappointing.

Echo Minott, Richie Spice, and not to mention Leroy Smart were a drag on one's eardrum. Smart was quite boorish and crass in the way he argued with, and harangued his backing band.

The post 1960s to '80s reggae artistes are ageing rapidly and will leave a vacuum that won't be filled any time soon, as with the exception of Chronixx and Etana, there isn't much on the horizon.

In the not-too-distant future, we will be bringing in foreign reggae acts to our local stages, as we just won't have the calibre of reggae artistes to hold the interest of those of us who still crave good music.

This is a pity, really, as we have ceded the local music scene to a band of foul-mouthed dancehall artistes who will stop at nothing to bring the worst of their craft to all-too-willing radio and TV stations, where the ultimate proliferation of this ugly music is guaranteed.