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Burke, Foster staying put (Be careful, Duckie)

Published:Tuesday | January 20, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The transfer window will slam shut at the end of the month, and teams are looking to bolster the quality of their respective squads.

The January transfer window is usually the one where it is extremely difficult to get quality replacements as all teams are hell bent on holding on to their quality players, who are usually in the starting team.

These players usually have contract obligations with their respective clubs, while some have strong loyalties to their clubs, coaches or teammates, plus they are not assured starting positions in the new teams. Also, players have to adjust to different environments and literally have to hit the ground running to fit into team formats and systems.

The two hottest transfer rumours in this window are Corey Burke and Craig Foster.

Bleachers Report read with interest that Burke trained with Waterhouse Football Club three Mondays ago and signed a transfer form two Sundays ago after Waterhouse demolished the team he captains, Rivoli United, 4-0.

After the news broke in The Star newspaper, his (Burke) phone lit up the next day. Calls came in from a Red Stripe Premier League team in western Jamaica, one from central Jamaica, while the Kingston & St Andrew Football Association team called just to make sure he was headed where his signature was, and there were a few more unconfirmed calls from other teams.


In the meantime, Burke could not walk in peace in St Catherine as football fans in the parish literally begged him to stay. Some were almost moved to tears when they heard the news. This was Corey Burke, the scorer of 12 goals, second-leading goal scorer in the competition, captain of the team, builder of team confidence when their former talisman, Devon Hodges, moved on to Humble Lion for a better payday. Burke almost single-handedly put his team up to fifth spot by playing some delightful football.

But Bleachers Report knows exactly what is going on; Rivoli needs to look at Burke's salary package and perks - it's nowhere near what Hodges was getting - and make some adjustments. Burke loves the team, the people love him, and he is a big fish in a small pond at Rivoli.

Bleachers Report, after listening carefully, is saying to Waterhouse's Ricardo Chin, Felix Porter, Ainsley Smickle, or whoever has that transfer form - it is not worth the paper it is written on, just tear it up, Burke will not leave Rivoli United in this transfer window.

Now, on to Craig Foster. He is even more important to Reno Football Club than Burke is to Rivoli United. The former national Under-20 player leads the goal scoring chart by a mile, he is responsible for more than half the goals scored by his team and Reno are still in the relegation zone.

Also, he is captain of Reno and has a six-month contract with the club. He looks happy at the club and despite repeated interests from other Premier League clubs, the Reno management is adamant that Foster is not for sale.


Bleachers Report believes both players have contracts with their respective clubs and if this is so, then all the clubs that are calling the players directly are breaking the football rules and regulations with this illegal approach and could find themselves in trouble for breaching transfer rules. If found guilty, they could be fined and sanctioned. This is a common practice with Premier League clubs and it must stop.

Meanwhile, Donovan Duckie, the new coach at Humble Lion, the man who had resigned from two Premier League clubs citing the need to help his son with schoolwork, was photographed pointing repeatedly at Carlos Garcia - the Spanish-speaking coach from Montego Bay United - after they defeated MoBay United 1-0.

Duckie, a former national Under-20 coach, at that time told Jamaica that he and MoBay United's owner Orville Powell are great friends and the split was not acrimonious. But words and actions differ. The Competition's Committee or the Disciplinary Committee should summon Duckie to explain his actions.

Ricardo Chin, the man who fired Duckie, better watch yourself as he did not describe you as his friend when he was given the boot at Waterhouse. And if Humble Lion ever fires him, he should think twice about pointing his fingers at Mike Henry. Manchester High, be careful.

Duckie you've let down all other Premier League coaches.