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Rescue MoBay from the mob

Published:Wednesday | January 21, 2015 | 12:00 AM


By the time the St James Parish Council awakes from its stupor, the town of Montego Bay will be overrun by anarchy, perpetuated by public transport yobs, uncivilised street vendors, contemptuous business operators and a generally unconcerned citizenry.

This reality represents a psyche of disorder that has come to characterise this once friendly town.

Montego Bay has become a filthy, rodent-infested space, where piles of garbage are evident at almost every street corner, drains are filled with garbage, pedestrian paths are corralled by vendors, and taxi operators display no regard for the rule of law.

This convergence of decadence, juxtaposed with the general incivility and insouciance of the community, symbolises a shameful stain on the conscience of the local authority.

Our local authority has prostituted its credibility by allowing the town to be relegated to a paradise of free-for-all and coarseness. This so-called tourism Mecca represents a sanctum of decadence and contempt for order.

To prevent us from facing an unpleasant Waterloo, exacting and inspired leadership must come forward, before something gives. That leadership, however, has not existed in the local authority for a very long time.

While the status quo in Montego Bay, to a large extent, represents a microcosm of the failing nature of the State, it is unacceptable that its residents and visitors are subject to unrestrained rule by the mob, neglect and institutional decay.

The public space is a portrayal of our ineffectual local governance and general institutional incompetence.

Montego Bay will be doomed in 10 years, should we fail to retreat from the precipice of civic depravity.