Mon | Sep 24, 2018

Put Strachan behind bars

Published:Saturday | January 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM

THE EDITOR, Sir:In a recent article on January 21, 2015, Noel Strachan claims he has made restitution to 90 per cent of those who invested. I would believe this is a false claim on Mr Strachan's part as I never got any restitution on my investment.

To this day, I have not received any correspondence from Mr Strachan or his legal counsel or from any representative of World Wise Partners.

This man continues to defraud the public, people, the investors, and the authorities through his claims, through his arrogance, and his deception that he has rendered restitution and all is fine. This is far from the truth, and the authorities need to recognise this.

People like Noel Strachan should be put behind bars. This is no different than if he walked into a home and robbed persons of their money.


Ontario, Canada