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VW gives a charging lift

Published:Sunday | January 25, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Chad Bryan, Staff Reporter

Cell phones, cameras and music players are not the only devices which have to be charged in order to operate. On a larger scale, electric motor vehicles require inductive charging.

This type of charging is already standard for electric toothbrushes and transport robots used in production factories. This more advanced technology provides an alternative that would eliminate the need for cables used to connect vehicles during the rain, for example.

Top-selling German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen unveiled a slew of interesting technologies at the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show, held earlier this month in Los Angeles, USA, including its form of inductive charging.

The company's representatives said it has come up with a novel improvement to the now well-established inductive charging pad. According to VW, its "power lift" inductive charger for the e-Golf model is now more efficient as a result of an automatic lift action which moves the charging pad closer to the underside of the vehicle.

All the motorist has to do is park over the charger and the power lift handles the rest of the process, rising towards the vehicle's undercarriage. Output signals indicate the battery's charging state using the vehicle's exterior lights.

Decreasing the distance between the charger's induction coil and the coil in the Golf improves the efficiency of the energy transfer.

According to Volkswagen, it is unclear when this technology will debut commercially.