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Nebraska AG vows to continue fight against Colorado pot

Published:Wednesday | January 28, 2015 | 12:00 AM

LINCOLN, Nebraska (AP):

NEBRASKA ATTORNEY General Doug Peterson is defending his state's lawsuit against legalised marijuana in Colorado, saying he doesn't want Colorado's "failed experiment" to spill over into Nebraska.

The new Republican attorney general argued in a statement Tuesday that the decision by Colorado voters will cause long-term harm to Nebraskans.

Peterson's predecessor in office, Jon Bruning, announced last month that Nebraska and Oklahoma were asking the US Supreme Court to overturn Colorado's decision to allow recreational marijuana. Colo-rado has said it will fight the lawsuit.

Despite growing public support for legalising marijuana, Peterson says Colorado's decision has given rise to a multimillion-dollar "impairment industry" with products that are becoming more potent.

Peterson says Nebraska state officials now seize twice as much marijuana trafficked from Colorado as from Mexico and California.