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Published:Wednesday | January 28, 2015 | 12:00 AM

With the Lotto jackpot approaching record levels, The Gleaner took to the streets to find out what Jamaicans would do if they were to win the $215 million prize.

Ralston Dickson, 57 - Kingston

The first thing, mi want a nice place fi live - a house. The rest of it now, it go inna farming; and the rest of it, mi will put it up and eat (offa) it.

Anmarie Smith, 53 - Kingston

Honestly, now, I don't own a house, so that would be one of my top priorities. And for someone at my age, a car would be nice. Of course, I would invest some in some other business so that I could always have a turnover.

Latoya Buchanan, 26 - Westmoreland

I would bank some, buy a house and a car. Mi nuh know what mi would do with the rest, you know.

Sheshurah Hinds, 26 - Kingston

Mi woulda open one big shop to tell you the honest truth. Mi nah lie, mi want a house. Mi would start a restaurant 'cause mi love cook. Mi love to help the people, and mi tiad fi see old people dem pan di road, so that would be a big way to help out people. Mi woulda open a big centre fi di boy dem on the road weh wutless so dem can learn a trade.

Jacqueline Lindo, 40 - Kingston

Firstly, I need a house for myself and my son. The other amount, I'd bank some for a rainy day. And I have my mother to take care of and I have two brothers I'd definitely give to. I'd give some to charity. Some people really need some help and I'd give some to them.

Desmond Miller, 30 - St Thomas

First of all, I would pay off all my personal debts. And then after that, family comes next. Not just give to them wholesale, but for those who are in school, I would set up a plan for them - a college fund for my niece and nephew. And then I would acquire more real estate. I would also do something for John Public, and by extension, invest in the future - set up some kind of programme that would benefit children who are going into primary school or college.