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Grieving mother seeks info about daughter's death

Published:Wednesday | January 28, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Orantes Moore, Gleaner Writer


THE MOTHER of a 14-year-old girl who was found dead yesterday morning in Dry River, Enfield, St Mary, has called on anyone who knows how her daughter died to come forward with information.

According to Ann Marie Henry, 51, her daughter, Treshana Henry, had gone to the river to wash clothes on Sunday afternoon, but never returned.

Henry told The Gleaner: "On Sunday, I went for a nap around 12 p.m. and when I woke up, Treshana had gone to the river to wash.

"When she hadn't come back at around 4 p.m., we went to look for her, but all we found were her slippers and rag, and her school bag was covering the bucket with the washed clothes.

"We asked some of her friends if they had seen her and then went to the police to make a report. They came around 7 a.m. to search, and found her in the river."

According to St Mary's chief of police, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, although Treshana was discovered with a wound to her head, her death is being treated as a suspected drowning.

She said: "There is no specific information that suggests foul play, so we are treating the matter as a suspecting drowning and relying on the results of the post-mortem to tell us what may have happened and how she died. There was a small wound to her head, but that could have been as a result of a fall."