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Brunching at Blue Window

Published:Thursday | January 29, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Krysta Anderson, Gleaner Writer

Sundays are best enjoyed with the three Fs - family, friends and food. And all three come together in glorious harmony when you indulge in a mouth-watering experience.

Beyond the doors of one of Kingston's leading hotels, you will find a blend of local and international dishes, bursting with authentic flavour just waiting for you to savour.

So if you're looking to turn your Sunday into a fun day, well, head on over to The Jamaica Pegasus hotel. Take a stroll through the beautifully decorated lobby towards the stairs, make your way below to the ground floor, and look straight ahead.

The quaint Blue Window Restaurant has made its mark in capturing the hearts of food lovers in 2014. For 2015, they are prepared to step things up a notch and kick those taste buds of yours into delectable high gear.

Their show-stopper and crowd-pleader for 2015 would definitely have to be their easy-like-Sunday-morning brunch.

From the healthy innocents to the guilty pleasures, they aspire to tap into each and every discerning palate, so without further ado, let's see what their menu train has to offer, shall we? They have an elaborate salad bar station, setting up a Caesar-salad station design to create customised salads to live up to your desires, fruits bar station, a seafood station of spicy crab legs, home spiced and marinated shrimp, fresh sushi, smoked fish terrine platters, assorted cheese station, crepe, riot and waffle station, as well as a carving station comprising roast beef with mushroom sauce and honey roasted ham.

Breakfast aficionados can take pleasure in their Jamaican menu of ackee and saltfish, steamed callaloo and fried dumplings, with homemade hot Jamaican chocolate.

While for lunch, the traditional rice and peas complements tender meats ranging from jerked chicken or sausage, crispy fried chicken, grilled pork chops with a barbecue sauce, curried goat, escoveitched fish, barbecued chicken and their famous barbecued pigstail. Other sides include: country-style potato wedges, macaroni and cheese and corn on the cob.

Dining in a sophisticated chic setting overlooking the pristine pool topped with a beautiful waterfall, is just icing on the already delicious cake. Speaking of cake, you can treat yourself to their wide array of sweets. Their dessert corner includes vanilla cheesecake, vanilla and chocolate cake, fruit tart, chocolate and strawberry custard, coconut macaroons, vanilla cookies, rainbow chocolate chip rock cakes, coconut drops and their signature hot cornmeal pudding.

With live entertainment and a friendly staff, be sure to experience the Blue Window's Brunch for yourself. Brunch starts from 11a.m. and ends at 3 p.m.

The Jamaica Pegasus

81 Knutsford Boulevard

Kingston 5.