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Why blame Lisa Hanna, Father Ho Lung?

Published:Saturday | January 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I wonder when was the last time Father Richard Ho Lung visited a beach. He would be shocked at the 'nudity' he finds so appalling with reference to Lisa Hanna's beach picture uploaded on social media.

Is he suggesting a minister of government has no place on a beach, relaxing on his or her own time? And so what if the moment is captured and shared, which is what social media is about?

Father Ho Lung didn't have to go there, suggesting (with the photo) that Hanna was the biggest disappointment in 2014. As someone commented, instead of focusing on a beach photo, why didn't Father Ho Lung use his column to speak about the sexual abuse scandals constantly facing the Catholic Church?

Yes, we are well aware of problems facing our youth, from unemployment, to child abuse, even crime. Ms Hanna alone cannot solve all these, nor did she cause them. These are national problems. When most children grow up in single-family homes, without both parents, when so many grow up in poverty with crime and violence all around, this is what happens.

There are major social, economic and political problems facing our country, and we must unite to resolve them. We must do the best we can, with the limited resources we have.

So why blame Miss Hanna, Father Ho Lung?