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Kick Cameron to the kerb

Published:Monday | February 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM

There was an interesting article in The Gleaner of Wednesday, January 28 titled 'Cameron loses bid'. This should more appropriately be headed 'Cameron loses job', as it seems to confirm the opinion of Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves and myself that President Dave Cameron should do the decent and honourable thing and resign as president of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), as he is clearly not suitable to hold that position.

We are in the worst crisis that the WICB has faced certainly in the last 30 years, and the major thing that Dave Cameron is concerned about is keeping his job as president and prolonging his term of office.

I say this based on your report indicating how he tried to get the board to automatically extend his term of office if he is voted out in March under the guise that he was doing this to help future holders of the presidency. At least his fellow board members were not buying his self-serving proposal.

resolving the problem

Mr Cameron should be focusing on resolving the problem with the Indian Cricket Board (ICB) to the exclusion of all else, since he contributed, in large measure, to the tour being cancelled. He should be exercising his authority to achieve this settlement and not to extending his term if he is voted out of office in March.

His board members have seen what he cannot see: that such an extension of term is unacceptable and they had the good sense to turn down the proposal. Maybe the next thing he will do is claim compensation for loss of office if he is voted out of the post in March. Such action would confirm what the prime minister and I think - that he does not have the skills to deal with the current crisis.

What I find more alarming is that Mr Cameron put forward this self-serving proposal in the middle of the confrontation with the ICB, and not having made any attempt to implement, during his term of office, some of the critical changes recommended by the Patterson Report and confirmed by the Wilkins Report, all of which took place while he was a board member. This is where changes are needed in the unsatisfactory organisational structure of the WICB today. I posed the question before for Mr Cameron.

Time is too short to challenge Mr Cameron to take steps to implement the key elements of the Patterson Report, but I hope his successor will take some action.

Patrick Rousseau is an attorney-at-law and former president of the WICB. Email feedback to and