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A Conference with a change

Published:Monday | February 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Lifestyle Reporter

On Saturday, January 24, LifeStyle Change Women's Conference hit the spot when it came to catering to the complete woman.

The one-day conference organised by Kerie-Ann Thombs featured speakers that ranged from pastors to doctors, who catered to the mind body and soul of every woman irrespective of her background, age or educational level.

The Reverend Deane Good, who spoke about supporting women and positive thinking, told the audience about his struggle with rejection after being adopted and losing his father at an early age. He told the women how destructive holding back pain can be to them. It almost destroyed him after overdosing several times on drugs, but he sought help. He told the audience that as women they might be holding on to their own hurt, not only from a man but from friends and family members and it might affect their present relationships. So they should let it go to think positive. He used the story of Jacob as an example. "We might need to wrestle and fight to get what we want but it will be worth it."

His wife, Joan Good, followed with her speech on grace, marriage and image, which appeared to be an extension of his. She mentioned that women have to eliminate negativity from their lives in order to grow.

"In order to bloom you cannot be in negative soil," she noted.

When it came to image she noted that women need to look and act the part of the person that they want to portray. "You cannot be bipolar individuals on Facebook where you are cursing out everyone and then in person you are all perfect. It does not work like that," Good said. She did go further to elaborate that even when we dress and walk the path there will be stumbling blocks but we should still stay strong and 'dare to be different'.

Life coach Kenrese Carter came close to home with one member of the audience when she counseled her in the presence of the attendees as a part of her lifestyle change - commitment session.

She told the audience that in order to ensure that they commit to their lifestyle change they must have three things, a vision - this must be clear. You must have a strong enough reason to keep with it - if you do not want it enough to sacrifice for it then you should possibly rethink it. You must lastly review it daily which means work towards the vision.

The audience was also exposed to ways to keep fit by Kamila McDonald, beauty tips from Jeneva Whorms and received a few self-defence pointers from Robert Hibbert. There were several other speakers that gave advice on health, lifestyle and sex education. A few of the sponsors, which included Sabritru and Sagicor, made giveaways throughout the day.

Organiser Thombs thought that this was a good conference to have in order to support women.

"We go through so much as women and this is to inspire, encourage and support. So they can push through not needing to be validated by anyone and feeling empowered from within," she told Flair.