Sat | Feb 22, 2020

Go sing in your bathtub!

Published:Tuesday | February 3, 2015 | 12:00 AM


It is a common feature at events such as the Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival to have the audience singing along infectiously. However, this can pose a challenge for several reasons:

1. The performer can get thrown off by the singing audience as he/she has to concentrate that much harder.

2. The performer may not be intent on singing according to the original recording, and thus, the audience tracking along can disrupt whatever creativity was meant.

I recall being at the festival when Lionel Richie performed and he stated afterwards how it was difficult to sing with the audience singing along. I also think Celine Dion mentioned that Jamaica was the first place she performed where the audience was singing along to almost all the songs and how amazed she was that they seem to know all her songs!

I, therefore, infer that Mariah Carey forgetting the words of a song could be caused by her being thrown off by the audience singing along with her.

It is also quite distracting for me as a patron to be hearing someone close to me singing at the top of their voice and preventing me from hearing the performer onstage. It's quite disgusting!


Willowdene, Spanish Town