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Jazz & Blues bringing out the geriatrics

Published:Wednesday | February 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Both ET online and TMZ reported that Mariah Carey lip-synched her way through much of her performance at last week's Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival. The videos which have gone viral are proof, showing her stumbling and forgetting words to some of her very own hit songs and, at times, lip-synching completely out of sync.

Someone should really call out Mariah. Faking it is not a performance. The promoters should ask for a public apology and a partial refund. People pay big bucks to see a live performance of a star of her rank, not a performer acting and lip-synching.

Some of these stars think they can easily use Jamaica like a doormat. If she was not up for the task, she should not have signed up. These festivals seem to thrive on artistes whose careers are either stagnant, dead or going downhill.

A few years ago, we saw Diana Ross struggling. This year, the Pointer Sisters were resurrected (two sisters, who must be in their 70s, dressed like teens), along with a young relative who filled in for the missing third sister and might've inspired the skimpy outfits.

And why is this festival still called 'Jazz & Blues' when all genres of music, including reggae, is showcased? Why not call it Jamaica Music Festival and focus on high-calibre acts from home and abroad?