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'The Forgotten Constituency' - Western St Mary residents disappointed that the PNP is not doing more for them

Published:Wednesday | February 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Gary Spaulding, Senior Gleaner Writer

FOR Some residents of Western St Mary, it should be renamed 'The Forgotten Constituency'.

Three years after newcomer to representational politics, Joylan Silvera, reclaimed the seat for the People's National Party (PNP), echoes of discontent and dissatisfaction are reverberating through Free Hill, Oxford, Geddes Town, Hunts Wood, Barnswood, Farm Pen and into the main town, Gayle.

The roads are, for the most part, in deplorable conditions, making it a bumpy ride through the constituency.

Complaints of water woes and severe unemployment, particularly among youths, dominate discussions in farming communities.

It was in Gayle that a man, already engaged in an impassioned verbal exchange with his friends, stopped our news team, glad for a national forum to voice displeasure.

"Gleaner, yuh nuh see what a gwaan?" said the man. "You nuh si di town jus' a dead weh?" he complained.

Marlon, from Free Hill, had started the complaints when The Gleaner had earlier set out on a tour of the constituency.

Marlon made no pretence to being anything but a die-hard Comrade, but a disgruntled one. He complained that the performance of the People's National Party (PNP) Government, over the last three years, was less than adequate.

"I put my X beside the head because mi a PNP, but dem not doing anything, suh it look like mi have to X dem out," quipped Marlon.

"Dem nah gwaan good. Look at the bridge that we have to walk through," said Marlon as he pointed to a collapsed waterlogged area over a ford, through which The Gleaner team had earlier traversed.

"My party is in power, but it could be better. Mi nuh like it. Wi even need a sports complex," Marlon added. Others around him nodded in emphatic agreement.

Linval Carter, another constituent, complained that there has been no improvement since Silvera was sworn in after winning the seat in December 2011.

"Same thing, same way, or a little worse, because the MP is a man you don't even si," he said.

Carter lives in a section of the constituency replete with spiders of all shapes and forms.

But clearly accustomed to the unusual sight of webs and their creators ensconced with varied designs and patterns on light poles, Carter's focus was obviously not on spiders and their shenanigans.

He served warning in low tones that he will "certainly" be voting in the next election.

Then there was a group of Christians from the Love Christian Fellowship Ministry, whose members steered wide of constituency matters.

Owen Hoilett was surrounded by a group of church sisters as he fried chicken neck to be sold to make money for the 'Red and White' team to finance a Valentine's Day function.

"We are just doing everything we can," asserted Delores, one of the female members of the group of Christians entrepreneurs, who said they were determined not to rely on politics or politicians.