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Kudos to RGD

Published:Thursday | February 5, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I am very impressed with the service I have received on my last few visits to the Regristrar General's Department (RGD). Let me quickly state that things aren't by any means perfect. Persons needing birth and death certificates from the RGD can attest to the bungling and inefficiency that seems so common there. But I think we are seeing the end of all that!

In the past three months, I have, on several occasions, visited the head office (Twickenham Park) and the location at Duke Street in Kingston. Here are some of the highlights of the service I received over the period.

Mrs Drysdale at head office intervened to ensure that a clerk, who (apparently) did not know how to ensure maximum efficiency of clients' time, did not keep my wife and her very aged mother waiting unnecessarily.

Then there was Mario Reynolds who not only did his research properly but served graciously, calling afterwards when it was discovered that my email address was not written clearly.

And then a very young and cheerful Mr Munroe, downtown, who responded to questions about opening time, politely told me to prepare my ID ahead of time, and called head office at my request to check on a matter. At that time, no one else was in the office, so no client time was spilled attending to this detail.

Owing to not having business with the security guard for the waiting area at head office, I don't know his name; but he too was exceptionally pleasant. It must be becoming infectious; and that is good news. Keep it up, RGD!

Donovan D. Cole

Sundown Crescent

Kingston 10