Tue | Jan 22, 2019

Preserve Jamaica

Published:Thursday | February 5, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Whenever I get the opportunity, I like to drive around the island to places I have never been before. As a resident of Kingston, born and raised, there is nothing more relaxing than leaving the city, even for a few hours.

Visiting rural communities is a treat. These places are home to some of the finest people in this country. They don't have a lot, but they are content and pleasant. I worry that, one day, it is the city way of life, marked by detachment and coldness, that will come to define our island. Why can't we instead take a lesson from our rural folk and move towards a friendlier, kinder, gentler nation? The older generation, to whom kindness is nearly second nature, is shrinking in size, and I wonder, as more young people move to the city in search of opportunities, what will become of these rural communities.

I encourage everyone to travel across this island as much as possible. Maybe that way, we will learn to appreciate what we have here on this island paradise, and work hard to preserve it.