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'Princess Boonoonoonoos' not intertwined with other productions

Published:Friday | February 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The Little Theatre Movement (LTM) of Jamaica would like to clarify a misconception that its Princess Boonoonoonoos production was somehow attached to or connected with the Bashment Granny production, based on an article published in The Gleaner on Friday, January 9, 2015, titled 'Similar comedic strategies in Bashment and Boonoonoonoos'.

According to playwright/producer, Barbara Gloudon, persons have been calling and questions have been raised as to whether the two productions were intertwined. However, Gloudon says, "The fact is there is no joint production. There are two separate producers, and as far as I know, there is no communication between the two. The two works continue to be entirely separate entities, with no reason, as far as I know, for them to be interpreted as being connected."

Gloudon was also in disagreement that both productions had been, "staged primarily to entertain and to make money".

"Speaking on behalf of the LTM, producers of the work Princess Boonoonoonoos, I was not aware that 'a theatre sin' had been committed by the audience being entertained. Princess Boonoonoonoos is the 74th in the LTM series of musical comedies, which the Pantomimes are. Audiences expect to be entertained, so what is the problem?"

Not For Profit

"As for 'making money', it must be noted that the purpose of the LTM, which declared from its formation in 1941, was to be non-profit, based on self-help, which means ploughing back into each year's production whatever resources (usually marginal) which happens to come from the previous year's hard work."

'Boonoonoonoos' is one of the words coined by the late Louise Bennett-Coverley, renowned Jamaican creative spirit, who introduced the unusual word to Jamaican talk. It is an adjective which could describe the 'very, very best' in every way.

Its current use as the title of the Pantomime recalls that she was one of the founders of the LTM and contributed to its growth and development in many ways, including as writer of many scripts and composer of lyrics.