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NO WAY! Jamaicans reject call for legislation to make it illegal to hit children

Published:Sunday | February 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM
  • Sharmaine Rodgers

I endorse no such legislation. We should not spare the rod and spoil the child. A little spanking from time to time helps to groom a child, providing it's done in a controlled manner.

  • Kaya Nolan

I totally disagree with the suggestion. Children can give a lot of trouble, so I believe if we slap them, it would be a way of disciplining them.

  • Veronica McKay

No, the law shouldn't be introduced, because if a child is rude and deserves a slap, he should be slapped.

  • Nadean Shortridge

I'm not in agreement with making it illegal to spank children. In our era, I know that if you didn't get beating, you basically grow up loose, and nowadays, because the children are aware of what is happening, they will take advantage of such a law, making it harder for parents to discipline them.

  • Gloria Wilson

I'm not in agreement with that. I believe children should be spanked - even the Bible speaks of not sparing the rod and spoiling the children. If teachers are no longer able to punish children by beating, and now parents will face the same ruling, what will happen to the country?

  • Kaylene Titus-McKenzie

I believe that the legislation should be introduced, as children are being abused on a large scale. Such legislation will be a deterrent to would-be child abusers.