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Million Man March to be observed locally

Published:Sunday | February 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM

More than two decades after approximately two million black men responded to the call of Louis Farrakhan to travel to Washington, DC, to participate in a programme of atonement, reconciliation, and responsibility, the Nation of Islam's local representatives have stepped up the pace to make the observance of the annual anniversary celebration a permanent fixture here.

The Nation of Islam Jamaica is to establish the organisation's Holy Day of Atonement observance in Jamaica. The move is to secure the October 16 marking of the ceremony as an ingredient of the island's calendar of events.

Local representative of Farrakhan, student, minister Clive Muhammad, says the importance and reason for such a move is that as a nation, and by extension, our inextricable link to the African community, we are facing a time of enormous complexities and uncertainties among black people.

According to Muhammad, the Nation of Islam sees the Day of Atonement as a platform that will deliver a message of direction, leadership, self-sufficiency, unity, among the race.

Consistent message

"The message remains consistent with that of the Honourable Elijah Muhammad, born out of a vision that the ugly, negative pictures of the black family paraded daily across the world could destroy it," said Muhammad.

"The black man is being called upon to take charge, to be a builder of his community, as well as to be responsible and set in motion a time of atonement and responsibility," added Muhammad.

He said the call to establish the Holy Day of Atonement was born out of the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation chambers, which was confirmed in a communiqué to Farrakhan after he delivered the main address of the 19th anniversary of the Million Man March celebration at the National Arena last year.

According to Muhammad, although the discussions are at the preliminary stages, much will be accomplished in time to meet for the 20th anniversary celebrations come October 2015.

He added that come Sunday February 22, at the Nation of Islam's Saviours' Day function at the Four Seasons Hotel in St Andrew, more details would be provided.

At the event, Farrakhan, by live webcast, is expected to speak to the issue of "the intensifying universal cry for justice".