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Worst Valentine

Published:Monday | February 9, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Cathy Risden & Jody-Anne Lawrence, Lifestyle Writers

Valentine's Day should be a day of love and romantic bliss, but, unfortunately, there are a few of us that amid the merriment there is disappointment, and pain.

Here are some of the responses Flair got from readers about their worst Valentine's Day experience.

I received a gift and thought it was from the wrong person. She did it under the premise of a secret admirer and I assumed that it was from someone else. Not a Happy Valentine's Day. I was very embarrassed.

- A. K.

I got a bottle of wine and a book from my stalker. It was a nice gift and I was initially excited until I found out it was from him. He went through the book underlining letters that would unveil a message. It was just plain creepy. I was not much of a Valentine's girl before, but that spoiled Valentine's Day for me further. That day just painfully reminds me of him.

- V.H.

My worst Valentine was when I had to work at Mona Visitors' Lodge in 2010. There were a lot of couples. It was difficult to see people happy while I had to be working. What made it worse was even if I had someone at the time, I still would not have been able to have any fun, because I could not carry her to the event.

- D.R.

My best friend, who became by boyfriend, broke up with me at 12:07 a.m., February 14, 2008. I should have known something was up when he gave me my Valentine's gift early. I grew from that, trust me! It was in my mid-semester. I had to blank that part of my life out.

- L.L.

My worst Valentine's Day experience was when my girlfriend showed up late for our romantic dinner. It threw me off and caused us to argue for the rest of the night.

- J.Y.

Tips for having a wonderful

Valentine's Day:

❏ Be on time.

❏ Dress sexy, but classy.

❏ Get all dolled up the day before.

❏ Do not use your phone while spending quality time with your lover.

❏ Try to get time off from work or request to leave early.

❏ Be open-minded and show appreciation for the effort your partner made to make the day a memorable one.