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Let's play ... it's Valentine's Day

Published:Monday | February 9, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Randy Bowman, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Come February 14, many might not be able to afford a lavish day out filled with spa treatments, flowers, chocolate delicacies or dinner, and, as such, might opt to stay at home. But that does not have to equate to being stuck on a couch.

Flair has gathered some V-Day activities to help you celebrate the day for lovers without digging too deep into your wallets, if at all. Put your game face on and let's play!

Classic love notes

Grab some pink, red and white paper and leave some spicy love notes in unexpected places for your Valentine. Stick them in his/her wallet, a pocket, in the bathroom on the mirror, in a shoe, on the door handle of the fridge ... get creative.

V is for video

Most if not all cell phones have video capturing capabilities. Find a quiet corner and record something for your love sponge. Let your partner know what will happen after dark. You get the idea!

St Valentine Says

Play St Valentine Says instead of 'Simon Says' and give your lover sexy tasks to carry out. Massage my upper body without clothes, have dinner on me ... .

Paint the tub red

No, not literally. Fill the tub and add some red, white and/or pink petals for an even more romantic ambiance. In proximity to the tub, have some finger food and wine to snack on as you soak away in each other's arms.

Valentine Taboo/Pictionary

This one is self-explanatory. Play a Valentine's Day edition of the games Taboo and/or Pictionary. Spice things up with sexy prizes, such as an hour of sexual pleasure, or have a fantasy fulfilled.

Get cooking

Get the ingredients to your favourite meals and both of you cook up a storm. This experience will certainly whet your appetite for more than just food, as well as set the tone for the after-dinner event.