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Restorative justice and the future

Published:Monday | February 9, 2015 | 12:00 AM

'What immediate benefits do you expect when the restorative justice legislation is passed?'

VURALDO BARNETT Restorative Justice Centre Manager, Trench Town

When this legislation is passed it will impact, in a positive way, on the community level, the increasing capacity of individuals to give them a wider range of access to justice services by being able to refer or divert certain cases to the restorative justice centre in their community as opposed to having their issues dealt with through the traditional justice system.

CAROL PALMER Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice

I believe when the legislation is in place it will contribute to the reduction of cases going to the courts and having to go through the whole process. And the victims will have a voice.

GILLIAN JOHNS Legal Service Unit, Ministry of Justice

When the legislation is passed, I hope that there will be a consistent legal framework which allows parties to follow a process to identify, acknowledge, and address the underlying issues to some of these criminal activities that occur in the communities.

DONNA PARCHMENT-BROWN Director, Justice Reform Implementation Unit

I think the police, the courts, and the community will have a reliable framework in which to carry out their work and to help the Jamaican citizens feel a better sense of justice being available to them, wherever they are located, to own and address their problems through this process.

ROYDON HALL Restorative Justice Centre Manager, Tower Hill

This would be a different way of achieving justice for those who need it. I think when the legislation is passed, it will speed up the accessibility to what we are doing in terms of working towards a culture shift in the country, where the courts and the police will be making recommendations as to more persons to come to the centre to really take accountability and to really understand that they are impacting the lives of others. I don't think people truly appreciate that when they behave a certain way, they are actually hurting the entire community, not just themselves.