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Looking at Jamaica: the negatives and the positives

Published:Monday | February 9, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Steve Lyston , Contributor

Many people have been turned off or have become bitter about the direction in which our country is going. We see the various comments being made in the social media about this little rock! Some are embittered about the fact that countries which we surpassed in years gone by have now surpassed us in practically every area!

People have even cursed the country! But let it be known that there is nothing wrong with Jamaica, it is the people! The land is not what makes the nation - the people are the nation!

Let us examine the negatives and the positives of our nation.


The mindset of our people generally holds the nation back. The issue is not about gender, age or the existence or not of 'dinosaurs'. You may be young and still be a dinosaur in your mindset! Furthermore, the amalgamation of logic and arrogance is rife and has become the biggest obstacle to the growth of the nation.

The 'Dependency' Syndrome. We feel an entitlement as if somebody always owes us something!

The 'Pirate' and 'Bredda Anancy' syndromes have to go!

We are too quick to embrace anything or anyone foreign, and we negate the value and capabilities of our home.

We are too quick to embrace gifts and deals, not realising that these are oftentimes Trojan Horses that are deployed to bring defeat to our nation.

We never check motives, and that is why we are often plundered.

We have allowed foreigners to know more about us than we endeavour to know about them. Some even know places in our own country better than we do!

Many still have the mentality that one's capacity to speak the 'Queen's English' is a sign of common sense and intelligence, and also that the opposite is true. Some, because of their capacity to retain 'big words', speak over the people's heads and think this to be a sign that they are intelligent and the general public is stupid. Take note, the churches within the nation are also a part of the syndrome and the culture.

The worst of Jamaica is found in those who think they have arrived. The old saying goes, "Kitchen cloth turn tablecloth".

We are a religious nation but we are not spiritual. There is no depth to our beliefs. Many say they know God, but many don't study His Word, and many others don't believe He even speaks to us. There are those who even believe the Devil is more powerful than God!

We are not a reading nation, and we have short memories!

Generally, our very educational system does not encourage us to think outside the box, but instead conform.

Lack of confidentiality.

The political arena is in need of revamping! There is need for a new political system because the present is outdated and has done its time. When new, young people enter the playing field, there is very little flexibility or scope for change for the nation. In the same way that our country fails to engage new entrepreneurs and inventors, likewise our politics is not ready for radical, positive changes as things stand.

There is the need for managers with the skills to implement strategies, and do so fearlessly, rather than simply pushing paper.

There is no accountability in any facet of the nation, there is only the passing of excuses and treating the public as if it is blind or stupid.

Many want to lead and nobody wants to follow; they always feel they can do a better job than the person in the job.


Jamaicans always excel when they are put into new or different environments!

We are very resilient, and we bounce back from hardships quickly.

Our people are generally warm and loving.

Those who would be considered simple, and those who have not had the full benefit of the educational system remain those who are most humble and still reveal the better qualities of the nation.

Some within the private sector still have the potential to bring positive changes to the nation.

The Jamaican army has a great deal to offer in terms of rebuilding the nation.

GraceKennedy's performance and expansion globally shows us that Jamaica can do it! Take note that Don Wehby is a Jamaican.

Many in the Jamaican diaspora have been flying the flag globally, while many of them have been ignored because of politics.

Our sports and music personalities, as well as internationally based Jamaican entrepreneurs, have certainly represented the nation well.

Jamaicans are visionaries! Some have exceptional ideas to be realised.

If Jamaicans have done do so much on the world scene - medicine, law, music, sports - why can't we achieve even more locally?

Let us think on these things!

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Millionaire'.