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Samsung Smart School

Published:Monday | February 9, 2015 | 12:00 AM

It's a rare moment when you actually see a major company give back to a community without strings attached. It's so rare, that I have only witnessed five times in my life span, and I'm honoured to say I have witnessed it for the sixth time, thanks to Samsung. Samsung recently launched in Jamaica its Smart School with the guidance of the Ministry of Education.

What is Smart School?

Smart School is an initiative that Samsung developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the non-profit organisation, Glasswing International. Smart School is an integrated platform that helps teachers to develop an interactive learning environment with their students. The goal is achieved by a Samsung Smart School Classrooms which will be outfitted with the latest electronic devices and learning software, at no cost, from Samsung Electronics Company Ltd.

The School Of Choices

The lucky school that got the Samsung Smart School Classroom was Duhaney Park Primary. The school was chosen by the Ministry of Education to receive two Smart School Classrooms by Samsung. At the launch, the principal of Duhaney Park Primary, Lydia Richards, gave a heart-warming thank you to Samsung for the donated smart classrooms, and talked about how it has helped with discipline. Also giving his thanks on by half of the students was Nicholai Williamson, student representative from grade six. He elaborated on how important it was to embrace technology in our future and the relevance of it in our lives.

The End Result

A beautiful classroom decked out with the latest and greatest from Samsung. Seeing a room like that will even make a adult happy. The classroom is equipped with Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets, tablet docks, and wireless keyboards. The set-up also gives the teacher full control over what takes place on each tablet located in the room. The ability to talk via messages to individual students on the tablet is also integrated in the platform. So, students with special needs can be talked to and tutored discreetly. The Smart School Classroom seems to be the ideal place to merge technology and learning.

Writer: Payton H. Wilmott