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CMI to partner with Japan to establish firefighting programme

Published:Tuesday | February 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The Port Royal community may soon benefit from the first community firefighting centre to be established by the Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI), through partnership with the Embassy of Japan in Jamaica.

This forms part of CMI's development plan for Port Royal, having adopted the community and spearheading its transformation into a university town.

Jamaica and Japan have had a long-standing relationship where industrial and maritime affairs are concerned and have supported CMI in the past.

Two training boats were donated by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)/government of Japan, to fill the training gap for the forgotten fisherfolk community.

CMI has, through partnership with Food For The Poor, HEART Trust/NTA, and other significant social investors, trained approximately 650 fishers from across the island, using the boats and equipment donated.

Tour Of The Facilities

During a recent visit to the Institute, Ambassador H.E. Yasuo Takase and First Secretary Hiromoto Oyama of Japan toured the facilities and identified additional avenues of collaboration, such as the development of joint skills training programmes.

As a result, the ambassador has offered to partner with CMI to meet training needs by providing additional training vessels and equipment to be used in the Schools of Marine and Professional Studies and Advanced Skills.

In addition, CMI has requested equipment to establish a firefighting and first-response programme in Port Royal. These include engines, self-breathing apparatus, fire hoses, fire hydrants, extinguishers, fire suits, first-aid equipment to equip an ambulance, ladders and other personal protective gears.

This project is being pursued to provide Port Royal with a functional emergency-response system, in light of the fact that the oldest bar in Jamaica and other structures were recently destroyed by fire.

The bar was located adjacent to the town's fire station, which was unable to respond to the catastrophe, as it was totally incapacitated because of the lack of a fire engine.

This programme will equip the community with the tools needed to prevent similar occurrences.