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LETTER OF THE DAY - JLP a party of losers, jokers

Published:Wednesday | February 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Well, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is at it again. The recent court ruling about how Arthur Williams and Christopher Tufton were removed from the Senate has once again shown why the JLP cannot be trusted with state power.

Party Leader Andrew Holness has been adjudged to have acted unconstitutionally in how he removed both senators. I hear Mr Holness saying that he is sorry for what he did and that he was only acting on the advice of his lawyers. If this is true, what does this say of his maturity and leadership capabilities? His nickname of 'Baby Bruce' seems to have been well-earned!

As for Mr Williams, he really has some issues. Imagine, after drafting those resignation letters, he managed to muster up the audacity to sue Mr Holness for using those same letters against him! If Mr Holness acted unconstitutionally, doesn't this then make Mr Williams' actions as aiding and abetting the commission of an unconstitutional act? Poor Arthur Williams. When he was digging those graves for his rivals in the Senate, he forgot to dig one for himself, too.

Seeing that all the senators who signed those letters did so willingly, if Mr Holness actions have now been ruled as unconstitutional and as such, it is being said that he should resign, maybe all of those senators should go, too. After all, their actions should amount to aiding and abetting (and stupid), to say the least.

Then I hear Mr Williams trying to excuse himself from those letters. According to him, while it was true that he was the one who drafted those letters, the idea for them was "all in Mr Holness' head". Imagine that! Apparently, Mr Holness seems to be the only one in the JLP who is doing all the thinking.

JLP's Image Problem

The JLP definitely has a serious image problem. With losers like Sharon Webster as the leader's media representative; Audley Shaw, as shadow finance minister; Mike Henry, as transport shadow spokesman (but who should rightly be the reparations spokesman), being so prominent, it is no wonder the JLP soap opera cannot win state power.

Maybe Mr Samuda, another of the party's shadow spokespersons, was right after all. Years ago, when he defected to the 'sweet' PNP, he told us that the JLP is a party of "wimps and lackeys". It would seem that it is also a party of losers and jokers, too.