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End sport bias against women

Published:Wednesday | February 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I write further to the ongoing television coverage of the teams leading up to Champs in March. There seems a noticeable bias in favour of males.

While it is not my desire to cast doubt over the intentions of the various media who have spotlighted the top teams and the extent of their preparations leading into the big athletics carnival, I have found myself wondering all the same.

In fact, in one feature, 'Team St Jago' was profiled. However, there was a noticeable exclusion of the girls' team. To the best of my knowledge, this school is both a co-ed institution and one with a rich tradition of both teams doing well consistently at Champs.

Will the girls also be highlighted? Are they to expect a similar treatment as the boys in subsequent episodes of the programme in question?

What is more, are we prepared to invest in and expand the number of sporting opportunities available to our girls at high school and beyond? I ask this in light of recent concerns about whether females should be allowed to play in a male-dominated cricket league, for instance.

Women are also people. They are our mothers, sisters, aunts, wives, lovers and friends. And, if all else is to be believed, our managers as well. So, why the cold shoulder then? Why do we not actively support the development, funding and coverage of women in sports in Jamaica?